November 24

how to make the best pie



Shrunken heads of lizard x3

Toes of humans

Eyeballs (any mammal)



Ears (any mammal)

Brussel sprouts

A dodo (dead)




  • First, put all the ingredients in the all-ready-made-pie-base.
  • Stir with spoon and if you get grossed out, it’s ok to vomit in your half pie.
  • Then, get your dough and put it on top of your pie.
  • Put in oven at 1,000,000c heat, and cook for 10 minutes.
  • Feed to Andrea.
October 4

ALIEN by Declan and Toby


Chapter 1

“mornin’ toby,” declan snorted as he woke up.

“good morning to you too,” toby replied.

The two boys hopped out of bed.

dex screamed, “we’re late for school!”

the brothers rushed down to the kitchen. They both stuffed some corn flakes into their mouth and poured in some milk. Next they got their clothes out and got dressed.


But as they hurried through, toby knocked over the microwave, and it created a portal that sucked them in.


Chapter 2

“we’re in the galaxy?!?!” dex screamed and almost lost his voice.

‘pew! Pew! Pew!” went an alien’s shoulder canon.

“Quick!” toby said, “we’ve gotta get outta here!”

A spaceship flew right past them and stopped, the cockpit opened. “come with me if you wanna live,” said a dark figure.

The two boys decided to take no chances, so they hopped in.


“What’s your name?” dex questioned.

“my name is Zedekai,” Zedekai said.

“where are you taking us?” toby asked.

“we’re going to infiltrate the alien base,” Zede answered.


“a bomb blew up our ship!” dex screamed!

To be continued in story 2




August 9

Do You Wanna Take the Dumb Test?

“Do you wanna take the Dumb test©?” Dex asked to zede.

“Ummm…” Zede replied, “ok”

Dex and Zede were walking back from school.

“What’s one plus one (1+1),” Asked Dex.

“Two (2)” Zede replied.


“What was the first question I asked you?” asked Dex.

“Duh, one plus one (1+1)” Zede replied scornfully.

“WRONG!” Dex screamed in Zede’s face, covering him in spit!

“You didn’t need to spit on me. So what was the first question?” Asked Zede.

“it’s ‘do you wanna take the dumb test?’ Dummy!” Dex said as he was laughing his head off.

Dex and Zede walked back to Dex’s house. Dex went for the doorknob fell off!

“What da!” Dex interrogated.

“Maybe it’s just the classic doorknob trick?” Zede guessed

Dex kicked the door down with all his might. “I have no mercy for doors,” Dex said.

“You’re a bit weird,” Zede blurted.

Dex got out his sunnies, and smacked them on, looking like ‘like ‘The Terminator’. Zede slopped his sunnies on his face, too, also looking like ‘The Terminator’ too.

The two ‘terminators’ walked down the corridor of the house. Zede stomped down to the kitchen with Dex trailing behind.

“Can we have a muffin please, dad?” Dex asked.

“A..A…AHHHHHHH!” Zede screamed in shock with his jaw smacked on the floor.

Dex and Zede saw their dad (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as he was cutting out his right eye. Arnold was using a pocket knife to cut out, and all the floor around him was spilled with blood. You could see the living tissue around the robotical-mechanisms eye. Under the living tissue was the skull of the of the mechanism, and the little robotic pupil in the eye.


Dex and Zede started to reverse, Zede mumbled, “Beep-Beep-Beep,”

“I’m looking for Declan Spilar!” Exclaimed the robotic-jerk.

But when the terminator©™ turned to gaze at them, they were already out the door and in their mother’s car.



June 20

Johnny Dough-Keys to Failure


BOOF! BANG! BAM! I went tumbling down the stairs. My name is Johnny Dough, I’m 10, and I’m also a BIG failure. I cried in pain as I hugged my knee. “Ahh, the pain! The pain!”

“Shut up Johnny!” my sister, Martha, yelled.

“You shut up!” I screamed back.

“Why don’t you go and practice your soccer skills!” she screamed. “Because you have none!” Martha said.


See, I told you, I’m a BIG failure. Well now I need to get ready. I walked over to the laundry, and got out my clothes. I put them on, and went to get some Weet-Bix. I pulled out the milk carton, BUT, all of the milk spilled all over me!! I didn’t care, I just got out a towel and rubbed up the spilled milk off my t-shirt.


I ran to my bag, BUT tripped over an electrical wire. I pushed myself up and WALKED to my bag, without tripping over. I NOW ran to the local bus. I walked up the stairs to the bus floor, BUT I smacked my head on the railings.


When I got to szkola (funny, eh?) I saw that half of szkola was burning. I heard people screaming………


“ help me ! help me!” I heard Jennifer, my love, screaming. I ran straight into the flamin’ building. I picked Jen up, and ran straight to the doors, BUT my elbow caught on fire! And I just dropped to the ground and fainted.


“BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP” went the computer. I woke up to see my arm in a cast and in a hospital.  “Dad, I killed Jennifer” I said.

“Well, I knew you were, well how do I put this…” Dad said “AN IDIOT!” he finally said.

( Well if you didn’t know what szkola was, it meant: schoolJ)

May 25


Chapter 1

Declan Spilar hated needles. He thought they were evil. His brother Zedekai Spilar did too. *Poke* the needle stuck right into Dex’s arm. *Poke* the needle. After that Dex’s mum had changed her mind!

“You changed YOUR mind!!” Zede screamed.

“Yes… now we’re going to the Gold Coast.” Their mum answered.

“So you’re saying we didn’t need those needles?!” said  Dex.


Dex and Zede were going to the Gold Coast,

“We leave today,” our mum said.

They ordered a taxi to come and pick them up. Their dad also came with them. When their taxi arrived, they got there in a jiffy.

“GATE 3, OPENING NOW!” An announcement voice said.

“We’re at gate 3,” I said, “let’s go!”


When they all got there, they boarded the plane. When they got there Dex, Zede, mum and dad went straight to the Mantra Hotel.





Because Dex and Zede were 17, they went off to Sea World. Dex went over to the hat shop that put spray paint on white caps. “Can I please have one?” he asked. The strange man replied, “Ok that’ll be a couple of hundred dollars,” he said.

“How long?” Dex asked.

“Half an hour.” he said.

Dex went over to see the sharks. He saw quite a lot of different species of sharks, the great white, mako shark and the tiger shark and a couple more.


After about 30 minutes he went over while no one was in, and said “Can I have my hat?”

“No…” he said, “because… I’m DR. MANIAC!!”

Maniac pushed over the table and ran past Dex, he closed down the doors and locked them, Dex thought for a minute,

I am trapped in a cap shop with a maniac!”


He had to find a way out, but where?

“Prepare to die!” Maniac screamed!



Maniac ran around the place crazy, he picked up a machete and ran towards Dex!

“Oh No!!!!!” he said.

*STAB*Dex was dead, but how was he still having thoughts, he thought,

” I must be in heaven!! What will I do?”

 All of a sudden bright light shone through some dark clouds.



Maniac cut through the doors and stabbed Zede too.

Dex saw Zede in heaven, “Well,” he said “We’re dead!” “Awesome!” Zede answered, “Well I guess this is ok…” Dex said…


May 23

100 Word Challenge

Bobby hated athletics. Mostly because he was fat. He was the slowest runner. Bobby participated in the 800 metre run, because he knew if he did 800 metres, he wouldn’t have to do more events.

When they got there, Bobby was up against some of the best runners – Ethan.H, Ty.D and Josh.K. Once he was ready, he kept running. After about 250 metres, he saw Josh trip over and Bobby tumbled over and while he was falling a shot put hit him in the head!

The medical people ran over and helped Bobby. Athletics day was OVER!!