August 12

100 wc

One day, there was a little girl called Scarlet.  She watered her plants before and was now just sitting on a cushion reading the newspaper. Her son came out and said one of the most annoying things ever, “My name is Jeff!!”

“Would you cut it out?” I Scarlet said.

“My name is Jeff” he replied.

“Why don’t you go and play your violin or something else?”

“My name is Jeff”

Scarlet stormed into the house and locked her son out. Then she said, “My name is Jeff” while laughing.

August 5

Themes- steamed windows


Friendship, loneliness, sorry and respect.

 What does the author want you to talk about after reading-

That deaf people are not entirely cut off from society, friends, relatives or anyone really.

What sort of people might get the most from this story-

Deaf people. I think it really connects with them and might even inspire people that the world is not over for you, because you can always find a way around eventually.

What is a repeating pattern or event in this story-

Music. Alexia speaks a lot about her passion for music and how she wishes to listen to it again. I also like music, so I can connect and also if I went deaf and couldn’t hear I would be upset too.


I think it is that no matter what happens, when you fall down you should always try to stand back up.


July 31

100 wc

It is my birthday today. When I get home today, my family should be waiting to celebrate my birthday. I am really excited, and I hope I get the present that I want. The new Call of Duty game for my Xbox One.  RRRIIINNGG! Went the school bell.  I rushed to my locker to get my bag and ran off down the stairs. I was sprinting to my house. When I opened the door to my house all the lights were off. It wasn’t until I got to my living room when all of a sudden, “SURPRISE!” My family screamed.

July 24

Eleven Short Story – Reading like a Reader


I think this short story will be about something to do with her 11th birthday and maybe the events that happen or what happens normally when she turns 11.


Why did Rachel not want to own up about the sweater?

Was the red sweater ugly or gross or both?

Why did Rachel fell so embarrassed about the sweater?


I think that when Rachel ha the party she would not remember the red sweater incident, because I think she will be enjoy the celebration with all the cake and birthday presents.

July 22

100 wc

One day, me and my family were at a carnival. There were little food and game stores all over the place. There were also some big rides like the carousel and a giant slide. “Mum, can we go on the carousel?” my brother asked.

“Sure,” my mum replied.

We walked over to the carousel and everyone in my family wanted to go on it. We had to wait a while in the line. We were at the front of the line and they let us in. But before we jumped onto our carousel, the horses came alive and ran away!

June 1






This btn was about fidget spinners.

Fidget spinners are banned in some schools.

Online they’re marketed as a way to help kids with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder to concentrate.

The Western Australian government has planned an investigation after some kids got hurt by the other complicated fidgets.

Who created fidget spinners?

Why are they still trending?

One day a new toy was introduced. It was the fidget spinner. Originally fidget spinners were for kids with ADHD or autism to help them concentrate. But now they’re just a trending toy.

June 1

100 wc

Goal: to edit 100 wc

When I woke up I saw some flashing lights and thought it might be the cops. I went outside to see but it wasn’t the cops, it was a flickering light post. It started to rain and that rain started pouring down. Soon enough, some lightning was striking the Earth. In the flash of lightning I saw a black figure. It stayed were I saw it first and just stared back. I was pretty freaked when I saw the figure, but in the flash of a light, he was gone. I was pretty freaked and I went back to my bed.

May 25






This btn was about a recent cyber-attack.

WannaCry is a recent cyber-attack made by hackers that want money.

Hackers sent out a bunch of emails with dodgy links or attachments. When people clicked on them, the software was downloaded and locked up all the files on their computer. It didn’t allow them back on unless they paid a ransom of about 400 Aussie dollars. 

WannaCry has so far infected 300, 000 computers over 150 countries.

Why do people hack?

Why do they use a computer to get money?

A super secret US government department called the National Security Agency (NSA) is to blame. One of the things they do is go through computer and phone software to find mistakes they could use to spy on people. When they find that, they hold on to it until needed. But one of mistakes was leaked online and it got in the wrong hands and WannaCry was born.

May 24

Aquarium- adaptations

Adaptations- ‘living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment.’

We went to the aquarium and saw loads of fish and some mammals. But I think the penguins have adapted the best. When they are babies, they have lots of fur to cover them up and keep them warm. But when they get older, they have feathers and they are coated in a kind of oily substance that makes the water bounce of keeping them warm. The types of penguins are the Emperor penguin, King penguin, Gentoo penguin and Fairy penguin.

May 24

100 wc

In the year 3032, people are made of newspaper with brains inserted in their paper heads. Also fidget spinners are not a ‘thing’ anymore. All they use now is electronics, they use them to order fast food, and no one goes out of their homes. Only few humans still live on Earth. But in one home they are eating burgers but also drinking at the same time. No one talks, all they use is just devices to message people. It is not normal to us in 2017, but 3032 is a whole new thing. And 1 of those paper people is you!