February 19

SRC Application

I think I would make a great src captain for 2018 because…

I show leadership I will guide younger students to be a role model for primary school and so the are all ready for high school.

I also show resect physically and verbally to other people. I will respect them and not hurt them and will also listen to their ideas and not be mean.

I all ways use the school values, respect, optimism, care, collaboration.

I am good at collaborating with people especially the preps and help the out.

I hoped you enjoyed my speech. Thank you.

*I am not running for SRC*



February 19

100 wc

We were at queens park swimming pool getting ready for the first race. Dave said, “On your marks… get set…” and then the beep went off. Ambrose and me were doing 100 meter. We started slow for the first lap and then we were moving very fast when Josh caught up and beat us to the finish for first, but Ambrose got second and I got third. We were happy but still upset that we did not get first and second. When we got out of the pool, our teammates were happy that we got second and third.

February 7

Letter to Caitlyn

My name is Declan and I am 11 years old. My favourite sport is soccer. Outside of school I play for a indoor soccer team with some people in this class. I like to watch youtube, play cricket, play my favourite game fortnite on the xbox. I have an annoying little brother who always shots me with his nerf guns.

On the weekend I like to rest and relax. Every Saturday I go out to play indoor soccer with Ethan, Toby, Ziggy, Quinn, Hamish. After soccer I normally just go home and play xbox or relax.

I like to have a barbecue on a Saturday because I my favourite food is a barbecued steak.

November 22



Red facts

Green questions

Blue wonder

New technology is coming out which will make coding easier.

Python is a really easy to understand coding language.

Python also allows you to use your ipad to code.

What future technology will make coding easier?

Will someone create a new coding app like scratch?

How was coding first ever invented?

November 20

100 wc

It was Halloween today, and I was going as this scary guy in long black robes. “Trick or treat?” I asked to a neighbour.

“Treat.” They replied and I took some candy.

I went to the next house and asked, “Trick or treat?”

“Trick.” the person said and the floor beneath me vanished and I fell down into a pit. “Let me out!!!” I yelled. But he didn’t hesitate. He closed the trap doors  and left me to die.  There were rats all around this place and sewage water YUCK!!

November 2

100 wc

Tomorrow I am going to go swimming in a lake and have an orangey-white coloured flame pit. My mum drove me down to the lake. When we arrived I immediately  ran down to the lake and dolphin dived in. the water looked muddy but it was actually really clean and not dirty. A few ours went by and when I got out I had wrinkles all over my fingers. My mum and me started to collect dry sticks to light the fire on. When the fire came alit my mum celebrated by throwing a full wine bottle into the fire.

October 26

100 wc

Me and my friend Henry were walking down the street when we saw a creepy house. We decided to go into it and investigate. We opened the door and as the door slammed I knew that this place was haunted. We both pounded and smashed the door but it wouldn’t budge. So we decided to investigate further. We went in and found some old paintings that looked like they would sell for one million dollars. On my way to turn around from looking at the painting I saw a ghost. I screamed. And henry pooped his pants. Lol.

October 18

100 wc

Today was the day my dad and me were going to go fishing. We had everything ready, the fishing rods, fish bait, squid bait and a little metal boat with an engine.  We are going to go to fish in a lake. We got in the car and started to drive down to the lake, when we arrived, straight away we hopped in the boat, started it and began boat-driving down the lake. My dad was the first one to cast his line, then me. It was a long time until my dad got a fish on the line but it was too heavy so he fell in.

September 7

100 wc

This may sound weird.

We are going bigfoot hunting. I know, you think the legend of bigfoot isn’t true. But I do. I believe. I am with my team Tom, Ty, Abraham, Aryaveer and myself. We’re all geared up. Got a shotgun each, a flare gun each, some traps and meat to lure bigfoot into the trap. Now it’s time to hit the road.

We’re on the road when Tom spots a black figure looking at them from the woods. We stop and go check it out. There is no bigfoot but there is massive footprints. I put a shoe next to it and I am shocked.

September 1

100 wc

Then suddenly it went dark, and then, “SURPRISE!” everyone screamed. It was a surprise birthday. I was so happy I thought that I was going to have no birthday at all. Then I saw the cake. It was massive. Party food everywhere! This is going the be the best birthday ever. I wonder what presents people got me. I opened the first present and got a nerf gun. I also got a new Xbox controller(I need  this because I break all my other ones) and some Nike and Santa Cruz clothes.