May 8

100 wc

It was April fools day. I was exited but also terrified. I can prank people, but GET pranked. I walked to school, making sure that I was cautious about every step I made. When I reached school, I made sure I was extra careful about where I was stepping. When school started and we started a lesson, I knew I was safe because of the teacher. But when recess started that was when I needed to be in cautious mode. I got out my homemade cupcake my mum made and started to eat it. I just couldn’t eat something so gross. APRIL FOOLS!

May 2

100 wc

Goal: to write in third person.

Declan woke up in my bed and got up to go and have breakfast. He was walking down the stairs when he saw coco pops on the bench. Declan immediately got a bowl and milk and took it to the bench. He filled up my bowl with coco pops and added the milk. But then then Declan saw the slime drip through the ceiling and all over his coco pops. He freaked out! These were his  favroute breakfast cereal in the world (apart from fruit loops). Declan just left the slime there and started to fil another bowl of coco pops.

April 27

100 wc

Goal: to right in first peson.

I am an ant. That’s right. An ant. So apparently I’m supposed to roll a drop of water from a leaf all the way to our home. And I’m pretty sure that’s actually not possible. Well, I better try at least. Ok so at the moment, I’m on the leaf. A log is close so I can role the water off the leaf onto the log, and then roll it to the end until I reach home. Here I go… I start to roll the droplet off the leaf onto the log but it just slides off the side. FAIL!

April 18

100 wc

My friend Ty, told me he could walk through a wall. Ty told me to follow him. He took me to a big concrete wall. Ty took a few steps back, and then ran straight into the wall. “Do exactly what I did!” Ty shouted over the wall. I walked back a few steps, and ran straight into outto a wonderful pardise. “It’s awesome, isn’t it?” Ty asked,

“Hell yeah” I reaplied.

Me and Ty went exploring into a jungle for a long time, until we stumbled upon this weird village.

March 28


I am in hospital because of a hard rock. It all started when I was riding my bike, and I saw a beautiful lady and I looked for too long, and there was a camera man and he took a photo of the lady and the white shock of flash struck me right in the eyes, and I made a turn and was riding on the grass. I  saw a hill so I rode up but I was worried what was over the hill. When I reached the top, I forgot to put my brakes on, and slipped onto a rock.

March 21






This video was about how Australia started.

There were 6 colonies in Australia at one point. Over the time, they got together to form 1 big colony.

Victoria and NSW were worried because they thought they’d have to give money to the littler colonies to make 1 big colony.

The smaller colonies were worried the bigger ones would have more power over themselves.

When the first fleet arrived there was only one colony. But over the time 5 more colonies came over to Australia. They were all separated into different locations and had different lifestyles.

One day, the colonies came together to agree on 1 big colony and the rules. They had to make sure everything was even between the 6 colonies. They said that every colony would have the same amount of senators, so the little colonies didn’t feel out numbered.

Why did were they split up at the start?  

March 20


I was walking down to the park with my friend, Tom, we were both eating ice creams, and we had stumbled upon a small creature that none of us had seen. Tom had also done a project and read a book about insects so he would know if it was a real insect. We just stared at the bug and took a photo on it on my phone. I touched the bug and it jumped, then I stepped on it and it jumped and lifted me up and I fell on the ground. But how can something so tiny trip me?

March 14


It was athletics day. I hate athletics day because I always come last. I was in the 100 metre race and that’s it. We were lined up in our lanes ready to go. ‘On your marks… get set…GO!!’ I was running really slow. I was literally a granny up against Usain Bolt. I saw that the others had already finished, I was only a quarter way through, and I tried to run fast but I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to just fly right over to the finish line. So that is why I am always last…

March 7


The Earth shook, when a giant hand came out. Everyone was screaming their heads off. The giant rose up, with some ground over it and a couple of trees embedded into the ground. The S.W.A.T came running in, armed with small shields with gabs through them to see, and machine guns, they all started firing at the giant but bounced off. The giant came towards them and squished a few humans in its path. They started to send in the air force to blow up the giant but nothing happened. Everybody thought it was the end of the world.

March 1

100 wc challenge camp

The buses pulled up at school. Everyone was SUPER excited about camp. We had all read the notes to see what activities we were going to do. I was most excited for surfing, snorkelling and abseiling. We started to move to the bus to put our luggage on. We hoped on the bus and began our 4 and half hour journey. We stopped at Colac for some morning tea and some stretching. Then we stopped at Warrnambool, for some lunch and more stretching, and we had a play. We arrived at camp 2 hours later. We were so super exited!