July 31

100 wc

It is my birthday today. When I get home today, my family should be waiting to celebrate my birthday. I am really excited, and I hope I get the present that I want. The new Call of Duty game for my Xbox One.  RRRIIINNGG! Went the school bell.  I rushed to my locker to get my bag and ran off down the stairs. I was sprinting to my house. When I opened the door to my house all the lights were off. It wasn’t until I got to my living room when all of a sudden, “SURPRISE!” My family screamed.

July 22

100 wc

One day, me and my family were at a carnival. There were little food and game stores all over the place. There were also some big rides like the carousel and a giant slide. “Mum, can we go on the carousel?” my brother asked.

“Sure,” my mum replied.

We walked over to the carousel and everyone in my family wanted to go on it. We had to wait a while in the line. We were at the front of the line and they let us in. But before we jumped onto our carousel, the horses came alive and ran away!

June 1

100 wc

Goal: to edit 100 wc

When I woke up I saw some flashing lights and thought it might be the cops. I went outside to see but it wasn’t the cops, it was a flickering light post. It started to rain and that rain started pouring down. Soon enough, some lightning was striking the Earth. In the flash of lightning I saw a black figure. It stayed were I saw it first and just stared back. I was pretty freaked when I saw the figure, but in the flash of a light, he was gone. I was pretty freaked and I went back to my bed.

May 24

100 wc

In the year 3032, people are made of newspaper with brains inserted in their paper heads. Also fidget spinners are not a ‘thing’ anymore. All they use now is electronics, they use them to order fast food, and no one goes out of their homes. Only few humans still live on Earth. But in one home they are eating burgers but also drinking at the same time. No one talks, all they use is just devices to message people. It is not normal to us in 2017, but 3032 is a whole new thing. And 1 of those paper people is you!

May 18

100 wc

Goal: to not rush to the problem.

One day I was exploring a wide and long cave. It was near a swamp. I was worried because I might dirty my new orange t shirt and it could collapse within. I had my dad with me to explore the cave, we went in but it was unusually structured. It had smooth parts all over the place and some scale marks imprinted in the dirt. I was starting to get a little bit worried. I could hear something coming from where we entered, it made a bit of groaning, but then I realised we were in a crocodile’s home!

May 8

100 wc

It was April fools day. I was exited but also terrified. I can prank people, but GET pranked. I walked to school, making sure that I was cautious about every step I made. When I reached school, I made sure I was extra careful about where I was stepping. When school started and we started a lesson, I knew I was safe because of the teacher. But when recess started that was when I needed to be in cautious mode. I got out my homemade cupcake my mum made and started to eat it. I just couldn’t eat something so gross. APRIL FOOLS!

May 2

100 wc

Goal: to write in third person.

Declan woke up in my bed and got up to go and have breakfast. He was walking down the stairs when he saw coco pops on the bench. Declan immediately got a bowl and milk and took it to the bench. He filled up my bowl with coco pops and added the milk. But then then Declan saw the slime drip through the ceiling and all over his coco pops. He freaked out! These were his  favroute breakfast cereal in the world (apart from fruit loops). Declan just left the slime there and started to fil another bowl of coco pops.

April 27

100 wc

Goal: to right in first peson.

I am an ant. That’s right. An ant. So apparently I’m supposed to roll a drop of water from a leaf all the way to our home. And I’m pretty sure that’s actually not possible. Well, I better try at least. Ok so at the moment, I’m on the leaf. A log is close so I can role the water off the leaf onto the log, and then roll it to the end until I reach home. Here I go… I start to roll the droplet off the leaf onto the log but it just slides off the side. FAIL!

April 18

100 wc

My friend Ty, told me he could walk through a wall. Ty told me to follow him. He took me to a big concrete wall. Ty took a few steps back, and then ran straight into the wall. “Do exactly what I did!” Ty shouted over the wall. I walked back a few steps, and ran straight into outto a wonderful pardise. “It’s awesome, isn’t it?” Ty asked,

“Hell yeah” I reaplied.

Me and Ty went exploring into a jungle for a long time, until we stumbled upon this weird village.

March 28


I am in hospital because of a hard rock. It all started when I was riding my bike, and I saw a beautiful lady and I looked for too long, and there was a camera man and he took a photo of the lady and the white shock of flash struck me right in the eyes, and I made a turn and was riding on the grass. I  saw a hill so I rode up but I was worried what was over the hill. When I reached the top, I forgot to put my brakes on, and slipped onto a rock.