PT challenge reflection

On the 23rd of November, the grade 5/6’s had the Public Transport (or PT) challenge. The PT challenge is where you were given locations to go to, and when you reached the destination you needed to answer questions about the place to get points. But the only way to get around was to use public transport.

My group was called ‘Censored’ and in it was me, Josh, Ethan, Toby, Luka and Iggy. The day before everybody got together in their groups and had some time to plan your group’s trip around Moreland. At the end our group had our whole route planned, but when the day came our team just scraped the route and we winged it. In the end I think it was good we didn’t use the plan because there were a lot more locations we didn’t have marked down.

But the day wasn’t all bad, we were really good at using the timetables for the buses, trams and trains. We also worked together so if someone didn’t understand something, someone else would explain what were doing.

But at the end of the day it was a really fun excursion and I learnt a lot about public transport.

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