Short Stories

Why I like hommus in 30 words or less-

I like hommus because it is a dip and I dip crackers and carrot sticks in hommus. The brand that makes hommus that is my favourite is Black Swan©.

P.S- you should try hommus.

P.P.S- also you should dip crackers and carrot sticks in hommus because it is the best.

P.P.P.S- hommus comes in little plastic bowls and is pretty cheap.

P.P.P.P.S- if you want, you can have hommus at breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or any other time (including midnight snack).

P.P.P.P.P.S- I like hommus.



One day, Johnny was at the supermarket with his dreadful mum. Johnny didn’t want the cool kids to see him with his mum, so he wore a clown mask. Well, at least he thought no one would know it was him. There was a problem though, everybody stared at Johnny. If this mask falls off somehow, I’ll be the laughing stock at school, Johnny thought.

After going through isle after isle, Johnny and his mum reached the checkout. “Oh Johnny, I forgot to get a bag of chips, can you go get them for me?” his mum asked.

“Fine,” Johnny replied.

He ran pretty fast to the isle where the chips were. There were some obstacles. Stupid people were dropping food all over the floor. He finished the obstacles and got the chips. Now it’s time to go back, Johnny thought.  He had made it to the end except for one soda can. “AAAHHHH!” Johnny screamed.

There was a “TRIP!! CRASH!! BANG!!” sound when Johnny fell over. He lifted his head up to see that his mask had fallen right in front of him, but it was too late. Everyone was laughing.


Prison Escape

In the downtown city of New Orleans, Garret James was surrounded by cops. They were left, right and centre. “Fine, I give up. Take me away.” Garret exclaimed.

The cops took him to the jail. “You have been sentenced 24 months in prison by the judge.” A prison guard told him.

The prison guards walked Garret to his cell. “Here is your cell. Number 13.” A prison guard said as he opened the cell door and pushed Garret in.

The moment the guards locked him in, Garret started to plan his way out. Crawling through the air vent, perfect! Garret thought. I’ll do it tonight.

All the prisoners were called to dinner. Garret took a fork with him back to his cell after dinner. When he back to his cell he started to unscrew the screws. He slowly and carefully lifted the vent off the ceiling and jumped in. Garret steadily crawled through the air vent. He found another vent lid and dropped through. He landed right in front of some prison guards ready to fire at him with their guns.


YouTuber’s life

To be a YouTuber, you need to be creative and very social. All you need to make a YouTube channel is a Gmail and a computer/tablet/phone or any other device. If you want to upload a video, you can film it on your device or camera. If you use a device to upload I would recommend installing the YouTube app, login and start filming. If you are using a camera like Sony, you will film the video and then connect it to your computer and transfer the video over to your computer and then upload it. When you are uploading a video note that it can take over an hour to publish.

Now onto subscribers. You can gain subscribers by people checking out your channel and subscribing or you could ask friends to subscribe to you. The more subscribers you gain, you will get more popular which means more people will sub scribe to you. There are also milestones you can get when you reach a certain number of subscribers.

100 000, 1 000 000, 10 000 000, 50 000 000 and possibly a 100 000 000.

Creating a YouTube channel also allows you to subscribe to other YouTubers. When you subscribe to a YouTube channel, you get notifications when that person uploads a video. But you can turn of notifications, which will but the number of new videos on the side of that channel.

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