School captain’s application

Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today I will be telling you why I would like to be a school captain. Please note that I don’t want to be a school captain. Okay, now onto the points,

As my first point, is that I am very cooperative and I will listen to other people’s ideas and give constructive feedback. I will also not put down anyone and I will not put down other people’s ideas. I also will encourage people do something but not too hard.

Now onto my second point, is that I am very respective and like my first point I will respect others ideas and themselves. I also show ROCC most of the time, and I will not verbally or physically hurt anyone.

Now for my third and final point on why I should be school captain is that I am very confident with speaking up stage and that I can be enjoyable and if you think not tell me and I will work on the part you didn’t like.

So thank you ladies and gentlemen for listening to my speech, I hope you enjoyed and good bye.

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