June 4

Essendon Footy

On Tuesday, the footy team got together with 4 Essendon players, and we did some drills and learnt some new skills, and at the end we played a game against the 4 Essendon players, but we lost.  and we all had a great time.

June 1






This btn was about fidget spinners.

Fidget spinners are banned in some schools.

Online they’re marketed as a way to help kids with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder to concentrate.

The Western Australian government has planned an investigation after some kids got hurt by the other complicated fidgets.

Who created fidget spinners?

Why are they still trending?

One day a new toy was introduced. It was the fidget spinner. Originally fidget spinners were for kids with ADHD or autism to help them concentrate. But now they’re just a trending toy.


June 1

100 wc

Goal: to edit 100 wc

When I woke up I saw some flashing lights and thought it might be the cops. I went outside to see but it wasn’t the cops, it was a flickering light post. It started to rain and that rain started pouring down. Soon enough, some lightning was striking the Earth. In the flash of lightning I saw a black figure. It stayed were I saw it first and just stared back. I was pretty freaked when I saw the figure, but in the flash of a light, he was gone. I was pretty freaked and I went back to my bed.