April 27

100 wc

Goal: to right in first peson.

I am an ant. That’s right. An ant. So apparently I’m supposed to roll a drop of water from a leaf all the way to our home. And I’m pretty sure that’s actually not possible. Well, I better try at least. Ok so at the moment, I’m on the leaf. A log is close so I can role the water off the leaf onto the log, and then roll it to the end until I reach home. Here I go… I start to roll the droplet off the leaf onto the log but it just slides off the side. FAIL!

April 26

BTN cyclone debbie





This btn was about cyclone debbie.

Cyclone debbie wiped out lots of small buildings.

Cyclone debbie made massive trees fall over, take out and demolish parts of buildings. Winds got so high people moved into the middle of their house.

Most people evacuated Queensland or went to bunkers. But some people stayed in their homes and thought they were safe from debbie.

Why did some people stay in their homes when debbie struck?

Why didn’t they evacuate the cyclone?

Cyclone debbie made most people evacuate QLD or go to cyclone proof builds or bunkers. Some stayed behind and reinforced they houses with sand bags, but most homes were destroyed.

April 18

100 wc

My friend Ty, told me he could walk through a wall. Ty told me to follow him. He took me to a big concrete wall. Ty took a few steps back, and then ran straight into the wall. “Do exactly what I did!” Ty shouted over the wall. I walked back a few steps, and ran straight into outto a wonderful pardise. “It’s awesome, isn’t it?” Ty asked,

“Hell yeah” I reaplied.

Me and Ty went exploring into a jungle for a long time, until we stumbled upon this weird village.