Indigenous Beach Cricket





This was about indigenous beach cricket

-Indigenous kids travelled up to a thousand kilometres to Cable Beach W.A.

-Also, Clontarf is good for future athletes.

-Clontarf, a sport foundation to motivate kids at school. The rules are if the kids go to school they get to play some beach cricket. But if they don’t get to school on time or do something bad they get no beach cricket.

-Clontarf is a very supportive group. It has made more than 3000 kids get educated and go to school. All of Clontarf’s kids enjoy going to school as much as their beach cricket.

-Clontarf started their foundation 15 years ago, some kids in the AFL and NRL versions of Clontarf have already made it into professional teams so now they’re hoping to find some future cricket stars too!

-Why did Clontarf start this foundation? What inspired them to start the ‘go to school, earn beach cricket time’?

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