February 28

SRC application

I think you should choose me for SRC because I have been in SRC last year. I am also a good role model for the younger students. I would also be a mature representative and not ask for toilets on the oval, because I know that it won’t happen this year. I can also help out struggling kids. And I would like to improve the school.

I would like to be the male representative for this class so I could think of new, fun and reasonable clubs.


February 16


Indigenous Beach Cricket





This was about indigenous beach cricket

-Indigenous kids travelled up to a thousand kilometres to Cable Beach W.A.

-Also, Clontarf is good for future athletes.

-Clontarf, a sport foundation to motivate kids at school. The rules are if the kids go to school they get to play some beach cricket. But if they don’t get to school on time or do something bad they get no beach cricket.

-Clontarf is a very supportive group. It has made more than 3000 kids get educated and go to school. All of Clontarf’s kids enjoy going to school as much as their beach cricket.

-Clontarf started their foundation 15 years ago, some kids in the AFL and NRL versions of Clontarf have already made it into professional teams so now they’re hoping to find some future cricket stars too!

-Why did Clontarf start this foundation? What inspired them to start the ‘go to school, earn beach cricket time’?


February 12

My profile

Hello, my name Declan. I am looking forward to the year.


I am 10, and my birthday is 16/11/2006. I have a wonderful mum, Annie. My dad, Denis and an annoying little brother Eamon. I have just brought a new house in Strathmore on Roland Avenue. My old house on 44 vine Street, was massive and 3 story (if you include the basement). We sold that house for 2.35 million dollars. Our house was actually in the newspaper because our house sold for so much since a long time ago.


My favourite book is ‘Jaws’ by Peter Benchley. And my favourite movie is ‘Speed’ with Keanu Reeves. My favourite subject is maths.

I have travelled to Bali twice, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Moana and Sunshine Coast 5 times. My favourite place was Bali, because the hotel we stayed in was right across the beach. And while we were in the Gold Coast we went to 3 theme parks: Wet ’N’ Wild, Movie world and Sea world. My favourite park was Sea world. I loved Sea world because the shark section was massive and they had bull sharks.


My favourite food would probably be apple crumble or hot chips. And my favourite colour is blue or red. I love going to inflatable world and jumping off the cliff jump.


Every holidays, I go down to Rosebud because we have a beach house. Sometimes we go by ourselves. But sometime we go with my grandma, grandpa and cousins. We are always going down to the front beach, and the back beach either Sorrento or Gunnamatta. I always bring my boggie board no matter what.

My favourite sport would be footy, cricket or volley ball. In footy I go for North Melbourne, cricket Australia BBL-Melbourne Stars but I don’t have a team for volley ball.


I have an XBOX 360, a Wii, 2 Ipad minis and an Iphone 5. My favourite game is Call of Duty Black Ops or Forza Horizon 2.



February 6

Safer Internet Day

In this lesson we went on a chat with schools all over Victoria.  In the task the host told us how to be safer on the internet and asked us different cyber safe questions. We had to answer them within a time limit  and give a smart answer. The group chat was helpful because people got to know others ideas. When you post something on the internet you leave a digital foot print  and people can track you down.