October 4

ALIEN by Declan and Toby


Chapter 1

“mornin’ toby,” declan snorted as he woke up.

“good morning to you too,” toby replied.

The two boys hopped out of bed.

dex screamed, “we’re late for school!”

the brothers rushed down to the kitchen. They both stuffed some corn flakes into their mouth and poured in some milk. Next they got their clothes out and got dressed.


But as they hurried through, toby knocked over the microwave, and it created a portal that sucked them in.


Chapter 2

“we’re in the galaxy?!?!” dex screamed and almost lost his voice.

‘pew! Pew! Pew!” went an alien’s shoulder canon.

“Quick!” toby said, “we’ve gotta get outta here!”

A spaceship flew right past them and stopped, the cockpit opened. “come with me if you wanna live,” said a dark figure.

The two boys decided to take no chances, so they hopped in.


“What’s your name?” dex questioned.

“my name is Zedekai,” Zedekai said.

“where are you taking us?” toby asked.

“we’re going to infiltrate the alien base,” Zede answered.


“a bomb blew up our ship!” dex screamed!

To be continued in story 2