Do You Wanna Take the Dumb Test?

“Do you wanna take the Dumb test©?” Dex asked to zede.

“Ummm…” Zede replied, “ok”

Dex and Zede were walking back from school.

“What’s one plus one (1+1),” Asked Dex.

“Two (2)” Zede replied.


“What was the first question I asked you?” asked Dex.

“Duh, one plus one (1+1)” Zede replied scornfully.

“WRONG!” Dex screamed in Zede’s face, covering him in spit!

“You didn’t need to spit on me. So what was the first question?” Asked Zede.

“it’s ‘do you wanna take the dumb test?’ Dummy!” Dex said as he was laughing his head off.

Dex and Zede walked back to Dex’s house. Dex went for the doorknob fell off!

“What da!” Dex interrogated.

“Maybe it’s just the classic doorknob trick?” Zede guessed

Dex kicked the door down with all his might. “I have no mercy for doors,” Dex said.

“You’re a bit weird,” Zede blurted.

Dex got out his sunnies, and smacked them on, looking like ‘like ‘The Terminator’. Zede slopped his sunnies on his face, too, also looking like ‘The Terminator’ too.

The two ‘terminators’ walked down the corridor of the house. Zede stomped down to the kitchen with Dex trailing behind.

“Can we have a muffin please, dad?” Dex asked.

“A..A…AHHHHHHH!” Zede screamed in shock with his jaw smacked on the floor.

Dex and Zede saw their dad (Arnold Schwarzenegger) as he was cutting out his right eye. Arnold was using a pocket knife to cut out, and all the floor around him was spilled with blood. You could see the living tissue around the robotical-mechanisms eye. Under the living tissue was the skull of the of the mechanism, and the little robotic pupil in the eye.


Dex and Zede started to reverse, Zede mumbled, “Beep-Beep-Beep,”

“I’m looking for Declan Spilar!” Exclaimed the robotic-jerk.

But when the terminator©™ turned to gaze at them, they were already out the door and in their mother’s car.



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  1. emilyx2016 at |

    hi Declan
    I really liked your story I wish I didn’t here it in class because I wanted it to be a surprise but my sister liked it.
    From Emilyx

  2. emilyx2016 at |

    what is you school email decs need it important message to send you!!!!


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