June 20

Johnny Dough-Keys to Failure


BOOF! BANG! BAM! I went tumbling down the stairs. My name is Johnny Dough, I’m 10, and I’m also a BIG failure. I cried in pain as I hugged my knee. “Ahh, the pain! The pain!”

“Shut up Johnny!” my sister, Martha, yelled.

“You shut up!” I screamed back.

“Why don’t you go and practice your soccer skills!” she screamed. “Because you have none!” Martha said.


See, I told you, I’m a BIG failure. Well now I need to get ready. I walked over to the laundry, and got out my clothes. I put them on, and went to get some Weet-Bix. I pulled out the milk carton, BUT, all of the milk spilled all over me!! I didn’t care, I just got out a towel and rubbed up the spilled milk off my t-shirt.


I ran to my bag, BUT tripped over an electrical wire. I pushed myself up and WALKED to my bag, without tripping over. I NOW ran to the local bus. I walked up the stairs to the bus floor, BUT I smacked my head on the railings.


When I got to szkola (funny, eh?) I saw that half of szkola was burning. I heard people screaming………


“ help me ! help me!” I heard Jennifer, my love, screaming. I ran straight into the flamin’ building. I picked Jen up, and ran straight to the doors, BUT my elbow caught on fire! And I just dropped to the ground and fainted.


“BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP” went the computer. I woke up to see my arm in a cast and in a hospital.  “Dad, I killed Jennifer” I said.

“Well, I knew you were, well how do I put this…” Dad said “AN IDIOT!” he finally said.

( Well if you didn’t know what szkola was, it meant: schoolJ)