Chapter 1

Declan Spilar hated needles. He thought they were evil. His brother Zedekai Spilar did too. *Poke* the needle stuck right into Dex’s arm. *Poke* the needle. After that Dex’s mum had changed her mind!

“You changed YOUR mind!!” Zede screamed.

“Yes… now we’re going to the Gold Coast.” Their mum answered.

“So you’re saying we didn’t need those needles?!” said  Dex.


Dex and Zede were going to the Gold Coast,

“We leave today,” our mum said.

They ordered a taxi to come and pick them up. Their dad also came with them. When their taxi arrived, they got there in a jiffy.

“GATE 3, OPENING NOW!” An announcement voice said.

“We’re at gate 3,” I said, “let’s go!”


When they all got there, they boarded the plane. When they got there Dex, Zede, mum and dad went straight to the Mantra Hotel.





Because Dex and Zede were 17, they went off to Sea World. Dex went over to the hat shop that put spray paint on white caps. “Can I please have one?” he asked. The strange man replied, “Ok that’ll be a couple of hundred dollars,” he said.

“How long?” Dex asked.

“Half an hour.” he said.

Dex went over to see the sharks. He saw quite a lot of different species of sharks, the great white, mako shark and the tiger shark and a couple more.


After about 30 minutes he went over while no one was in, and said “Can I have my hat?”

“No…” he said, “because… I’m DR. MANIAC!!”

Maniac pushed over the table and ran past Dex, he closed down the doors and locked them, Dex thought for a minute,

I am trapped in a cap shop with a maniac!”


He had to find a way out, but where?

“Prepare to die!” Maniac screamed!



Maniac ran around the place crazy, he picked up a machete and ran towards Dex!

“Oh No!!!!!” he said.

*STAB*Dex was dead, but how was he still having thoughts, he thought,

” I must be in heaven!! What will I do?”

 All of a sudden bright light shone through some dark clouds.



Maniac cut through the doors and stabbed Zede too.

Dex saw Zede in heaven, “Well,” he said “We’re dead!” “Awesome!” Zede answered, “Well I guess this is ok…” Dex said…


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